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Backpacking Gear Guide

  • Hiking backpack.   No school backpacks.  This pack needs to be big enough to carry your son's sleeping gear, 1/2 a tent, clothes, food and cooking gear.  If you are going to purchase one, 65 liter is a good starting size.  (Philmont packs are 75+ liters). We have a few backpacks to loan if need be.

  • Pack cover.   This is a rain proof cover that goes over the backpack in case it rains.

  • Sleeping gear.   Small pillow, sleeping bag, ground pad.

  • Mess kit.  Plate & fork at a minimum

  • 2 or 3 - 1 liter water bottles.   (Philmont treks require 1.5 liter bottles)

  • Clothing - Keep this to a minimum.   Please do not send your son with a full change of clothes for one night.   Think in terms of "supplemental" clothing.

  • Full rain gear.  Pants and jacket.  No panchos.

  • Long pants.   Zip off legs are nice in case it gets warm.

  • 3+ layers for top wear. Example: t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, fleece, rain coat.  Try to avoid packing a winter coat.  Layers are best and most versatile.  If it is really cold during the campout, pack an extra long sleeve t-shirt.

  • Extra pair of socks.  (Philmont requires wool socks.  These are extremely comfy and great for hiking)

  • Hiking boots or shoes.  If the weather is not going to be great, think about keeping you son's feet dry.   Try to avoid cloth tennis shoes.

  • Food - Sack lunch.  Food provided by the patrol.

  • Dry sacks or trash bags to keep all his items dry in his pack in case of rain.

  • Flash light or head lamp.

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