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Old Buzzard Patrol

This is the page of the Troop 50 Society of Old Buzzards. The Society of Old Buzzards (S.O.B.'s) is the Troop 50 adult patrol which subscribes to the tenets of the Boy Scouting Program as described by Lord Baden-Powell. His program emphasizes learning, advancement, and leadership through outdoor programs of camping and physical activity which are planned and implemented by the scout leadership of the troop with the adults in the role of advisers and counsellors.


We operate as a Patrol and are made up of all registered Troop 50 Scouters and visiting parents who go on Troop campouts. To earn your official "Old Buzzard" patch we have only one requirement and that is to spend an entire week camping with Troop 50 at Summer Camp. The following named Scouters are members of the Society of Old Buzzards who have proudly earned their "Old Buzzard" patch.

~ S.O.B. ~
Society of Old Buzzards

1977 - Hugh Card Jr.
1993 - Steve Unger
1998 - Danny Burke
2000 - Charles Dierker
2000 - Paul Laird
2005 - Brent Somers
2005 - Matt Menger
2006 - John Laird
2010 - Joel Lewallen
2012 - Dion DuClos
2013 - Glenn Barrett
2013 - Jason Kelly
2013 - Joe Bullock
2013 - Kevin McClean
2013 - Kirk Broome


2014 - Andy Kitzman
2014 - Richard Estrada
2014 - Roger Eppstein
2015 - Andy Clay
2017 - Dan Howard
2017 - William Smith

2018 - Dave Brown

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